25 Sep 2017 Fresh Sofnolime 797 Arrival


Great promotion with low price

Dear customers and fellow instructors,

This time I have imported bigger quantities of Sofnolime grade NI 797 and that way could achieve lower price. The exchange rate is better too, so I am passing the discount on to you!
The Molecular Products Sofnolime grade 797 non indicating is one of the best carbon dioxide absorbents on the market. Some rebreather manufacturers, like Ambient Pressure Diving, the producer of Evolution, Evolution+ and Inspiration rebreathers, insists on usage of this product because of it superior technical properties.
It keeps your work of breathing low while the 8 to 12 mesh granule absorbs 150 L/Kg of carbon dioxide.

Sofnolime NI 797

Don’t delay, take yours!

The prices are:

1. If you buy 1-2 kegs, your price is 6.500 Baht/20kg keg

2. If you buy 3-4 kegs, your price is 6.000 Baht/20kg keg

3. If you buy 5 or more kegs, your price is 5.500 Baht/20kg keg

Anyone wanting to buy it, please contact me as soon as possible, because of growing demand it might go fast, and I will keep some for myself too. 🙂

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