Andrey and Dima completes the PADI Tec 40 CCR Course

Dima and Andrey the Tec 40 CCR divers

Dima and Andrey the new Tec40 CCR divers

Today Andrey and Dima, both from Russia, completed their PADI Tec40 CCR Diver course on APD Evolution+ Rebreathers with Vision electronics. This was the first technical rebreather course where I was teaching two students at the same time, but with these two guys it was really smooth and easy even if required more time because of the continuous translation needs.
It was very intensive six days but with a lot of fun. The guys worked really hard and it showed excellent results during the course. Now they have nothing else to do as keep diving on rebreathers and practice a skill on every dive.
See you on some fun dives and a bit later on the PADI Tec60 CCR Diver course 😉

Congratulations guys!

Here are few pictures from the course. Enjoy.

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