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Rebreather Divers after a great fun dive

Rebreather Divers on APD units

So are you thinking about doing it differently? Do you see more and more divers using rebreathers?
But you are not sure about it or it looks to complicated. Maybe you do not wish to go deep and you are looking for simpler solution.
Good news: here is the solution for you. You can take the PADI Rebreather Diver and the PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver Courses. On those courses you will learn how to dive the rebreather safely to 18 or 40 meters respectively. It is possible to take both courses at the same time and be certified to both levels.

The APD (Ambient Pressure Diving) rebreathers are very high quality built rebreathers. To read about why to choose this units for your course(s) learn here. Additional they are very versatile, so if you would once decide to switch into technical rebreather diving, with very few additions your unit will be ready for it.
So for now you can enjoy the simple quiet diving, photography, long bottom and dive times without engaging with technical diving, but the possibility is always there.

To learn more about each course and it’s prerequisites, please refer to the particular course review page.
PADI Rebreather Diver
PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver