Rebreather Servicing In Thailand

APD Technician Certificate

APD Technician Certificate

APD (Ambient Pressure Diving) factory approved service point is here in Pattaya, Thailand.
Here you can service your rebreather (Evolution, Evolution+, Inspiration) without having to send it back to England. With the exemption of electronics every other part can be serviced including the 3rd generation solenoid. All the parts and service kits are original from factory.

If you are selling your unit and want make sure that everything works properly, the inspection and necessary repairs or maintenance can be done for you.
Have you just bought a second hand unit and would like to be sure that it is safe to dive with? Just bring it or send it in for inspection.

At the same time new and second hand units are available. The price strongly depends on configuration, so for offer please contact me.

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