Report from 2014 Bali Trip

The Bali Dive Team

Our team left to right: Tomasz, Igor (Игорь), Mike, Lary

This year we had the next successful trip to Bali. Our team was very mixed and played nicely together. Lary came fro U.S., Mike is from U.K. (Scottland), Igor made his journey from Russia and myself (hard to say from where).

During the course of 6 days we made 15 excellent dives. They was made in Tulamben, Candidasa and Nusa Penida. During this dives we have seen so many interesting and beautiful creatures, that it would take a long time to list all of them, but for sure the Manta rays and the huge octopuses and the sharks had a big effect on us.

After diving we enjoyed the relaxing massages in hotel garden listening to roars of the sea and thinking about how much better is that than get smashed on motorbike because a brainless monkey had thrown a bucked of icy water into our face. 🙂 Following this pleasures we had great dinners tasting excellent Indonesian and international kitchens.

The next year trip is already on drawing board. According to the plans it will have an option of longer stay, will include a resting day and we will visit the northern dive sites for couple of days too. It sound interesting already. Let me know if you would like to join 🙂

Here are few photos from this trip, enjoy:

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