Report from April 2015 Bali Trip

The Bali Team

The Bali Team from left to right: Alan, Barry, Yury, Mike, Lary

This year our team grew and changed a bit too. Lary and Mike were on this trip last year too. Alan, Barry and Yury joined this year. We have done up to 26 dives during our 9 diving days and 13 days in total.

The guys gained new experiences such as diving in strong currents, night diving, wreck diving and generally diving deep on nearly every dive.

The team was diving very well together and we had a lot of fun during the dive free times too. One of the most exciting ones was the wild water rafting. It was a 2 hours long ride on the river in refreshing water with stunning views and waterfalls.

This time the highlights of underwater life were the huge bump head parrot fish groups, the sharks, banded sea snake, barracudas and the moray ells.

Here are few photos from this trip, enjoy:

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