Report from 2014 Bali Trip

The Bali Dive Team

This year we had the next successful trip to Bali. Our team was very mixed and played nicely together. Lary came fro U.S., Mike is from U.K. (Scottland), Igor made his journey from Russia and myself (hard to say from where). During the course of 6 days we made 15 [...] Read more »

Bali trip to Escape Songkran in 2014

Escape Songkran by coming to Bali

It is the time to prepare for next year trip! Learning from previous years experience, now is the best time to book your flights. How longer you wait with this decision, then more expensive the tickets will be. This trip will commence on 12th of April, 2014. I am arriving [...] Read more »

Excursion to Bali

Ida Beach Village Bungalow Hotel

Bali – Divers Paradise And The Best Place To Relax   Every year I am organizing a trip to this beautiful place. Usually the trip is happening during the Songkran time in Thailand, which is in April. At that time the raining season is over in Bali, and the weather [...] Read more »