Dry Suit Diver

Fusion Tech Dry Suit

It might sound interesting that we talk about a dry suit use here in tropical Thailand. The truth is, that there are multiple reasons to dive dry even here, but whenever you go back to your colder homes, you will probably use one there, and you can learn the usage [...] Read more »

PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver

PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver

By now you have a bit of experience in rebreather diving and would like to visit slightly deeper areas on it? Then this course is for you. During this course you will learn additionally to your previous course about scrubbers, oxygen consumption and bailout requirements, including how to configure a [...] Read more »

PADI Rebreather Diver

PADI Rebreather Diver

The rebreathers used to be for technical diving only, however at present times you will find the Type R rebreathers, which ones are meant to be used on recreational rebreather courses. By taking this course you will enter the silent world of rebreather diving, and very likely never want to [...] Read more »

PADI Recreational Rebreather Courses

Rebreather Divers after a great fun dive

  So are you thinking about doing it differently? Do you see more and more divers using rebreathers? But you are not sure about it or it looks to complicated. Maybe you do not wish to go deep and you are looking for simpler solution. Good news: here is the [...] Read more »

The Sidemount gear extended

SMS100 and SMS50 sidemount harnesses

  Here are some very good news for the sidemount course participant and sidemount divers. Firstly, after observing more and more sidemount divers and students, I realized that many times the drawback is the heavy tanks, which ones make moving on the boat and preparation for the dive more difficult. [...] Read more »